Reviews for "alien abc"


I thought the drawings were well drawn and really cool, and the sound was put together with the movie very well. good work.

real still frame cinematic animation...refreshing

the collages are fantastic..the narration well put together.From begining to end this Is a winner.

Outstanding, From Peblo Man!

I am a fan, to be sure. This is a masterful effort,with a caring touch and a message. I
went and listened to "Alien Sermon Symphony" at mp3 as you suggested. It's beautiful. Your
work, the artwork and soundtrack" are again
outstanding. I await more,amazed.

1 major thing that bugged me

you repeated one of the sounds, the zeta thingy


WOW, that was very well done and entertaining!
Though i would like to voice caution to those
intent on contact happening soon. I do not dispute the high probability of life on other planets etc., just don't forget that y'all have lives to live here. I had a friend of mine become a shut in over his obsession with "Zetas" and the like...