Reviews for "alien abc"

great flick

Great flick.... the artwork is so superb and great quality... must have really took you along time to make but its a great flash to watch over and over.... keep up the great work....


This looked like it took a lot of time to make. Especially for the artwork. I liked how the music would change and add or subtract in complexity as you clicked through the ABCs. All in all, it was fun and interesting to look at, if not a little spooky.

The previous reveiwer should be BANNED

...if you can revoke a grounds gold account, do it now! Anyway, this movie did suck very VERY much... ll that Alien music and no K-PAX theme? Are you insane? Heh, but no, this was a great and welcomed treasure to the portal

I'm reviewing the preloader

I know the rest will be good when the preloader looks like that!


This was a pretty original idea.