Reviews for "alien abc"

Eh, it's not quite my thing.

Great drawings and sound on your movie, good for all you alien nuts out there, but for some reason I didn't like it, not sure what it is, guess I'm just not into this stuff.


Not the best thing in the world .Watching this thing at night could give you nightmares with the wierd drawings and creepy music.

ericblak responds:

Have you ever awakened from sleep and your body frozen? Don't believe what the doctors tell you. Sleep paralysis is a scientific term for misunderstood “realities.”


I found it to be a bit boring... but my score shows how i think for the graphics and such...

ericblak responds:

How could a global conspiracy of this magnitude be boring! End UFO secrecy!

Wierd but cool

Neat alien-conspiracy type flash. Good choice of words for all 26 letters, good art, and really atmospheric loops behind them. Cool!

It's very weird but it's very

good at the same, very orginal.