Reviews for "Gateway"


The time I saw the dude at the window really spooked me.

There could have been a story line or something, and the puzzle with the two doors and the planks was just random.

Other than that, great game, and really atmospheric music.

we are all here because we played Gateway2?

how odd for a sequel to make its... prequal famous

anyway.. definately not as good as GW2 but still pretty good nonetheless

some parts are definately not self explanitory like the colour stage...
i thought u had to go by blue/orange/black (the colour of the blockmen on the TV)

its easy to see where GW2 got it's creep factor from.. lol
but the lack of storyline was... meh...
all the stages were too easy i must say...cept for the colour stage which was just unfair imo.

but seeing as how you already adressed those problems in GW2... meh i guess this review is pointless..

man you're awesome..
GW series is definately worth continuing :) i'd put it at the top of the point n click games ive played, together with zeebarf's games

Great game!

Original, and plays well. Is there anything past the tv though? I'd like a resolution...

struma responds:

You can go beyond the TV.


Nice and mysterious puzzle. :)

Mysterious, atmospheric, and a great introduction

As a stand-alone game, I rate this at perhaps a 7. However, it has the perfect amount of mystery and strangeness to set the player up for Gateway II, where the real genius is revealed.