Reviews for "Gateway"


that was intense!

Very Challenging

Man i thought i was never gonna get through some of those rooms to be honest just stopped i got stuck but other than my lack of puzzle solving your game was great!

Very nice!

That was great, the music was really spooky and fitted well.
I loved the last part with the TV, great ideas, and the animation with the reflection on the TV screen was a nice touch :)

It was a bit short but i see there is a second one so i will check that out :)
PS- the last puzzle really got me for a long time!!!

Great Ideas!

I've played all of the Gateway games, and I thought they were all great. I played that demo of the Dream Machine Game, and it was awesome. I assume you used a material like clay for the game, quite creative. I hope that gets done soon, I want to play a full version.

It's one amazing Game. Making any more?

I played this a while back, and absolutely loved it, one of my favorite games and the storyline is slightly creepy (which can be wonderful). I love this type of style and point and click. The sequel was just as good and the story great as well. :)

Would you mind making another gateway like game? I just love these games. ^_^

struma responds:

I already am: