Reviews for "Gateway"


I never play these kind of games but I thought I would give this one a try. It is a very fun game and I will start playing more puzzle games from now on if they are as good as this one way. Very well done!


The puzzles you created for this game were amazing! The only puzzle I think wasn't clear was the puzzle where you needed to drop planks to go across. I was stuck because I had no idea those doors could teleport to you to one another. I loved the one where you look through the telescope. "PEEPER", very funny. You have a great talent for making puzzles like these and should continue to do so. Don't be discouraged if anybody ever gives a bad score just because they couldn't figure some of these out... (hopefully no one has yet.)

That was Great!!

Amazing puzzle game. It was a tad on the short side, but I like how it really made you think. I managed to figure out all the solutions without too much of a problem, but some people had a lot of trouble. There were only two puzzles that had me stuck, but with a little attention to detail I was able to solve them -- the "peeper" puzzle, and the last puzzle.

I will give a short description of each puzzle, the solution to it, and how you come about it.

Rooms 1-3 are tutorial, and very easy, so I won't cover them.

Room 4: This room contains a large gap in the center of the room and 5 buttons -- 4 on your side of the gap, and 1 that opens the door on the other side. You have to play around with the sequence a bit to get this one. Press the buttons in this order: 3, 4, 2, 1, 4, 3, 2, 4.

Room 5: There are 3 shapes on the floor that change color when stepped on. Examine the pattern above the door to the right to figure out the color scheme and mimic it on the floor. (Tip: Starting on the inside and going outward helps).

Room 6: There is a telescope in the center of the room. Look through it. You will be looking at a house. View the right window and you will see a man napping. Look away, then back again and the man will be looking at you through the window. Look away and back again and the word "PEEPER" will be written on the glass. But wait, don't the letters look a bit odd? Exit the telescope and take notice of the keypad on the right door. It requires a number sequence. Head back to the telescope and examine the word "PEEPER" again. See the clue yet? "PEEPER" is the number sequence! It appears the man was giving you the answer by writing it on the glass, but he forgot to take into acount you would see it backwards! Reflect the word, and you will see it is actually the numbers "739339".

Room 7: This room contains 2 gaps with planks in an upright position on the edge of the gaps. Push over the first plank to create a bridge. In the middle, you will see the floor changes color in certain areas when you step on them, and so do the doors. Change the colors so that both doors have the same color (not the default, no color) and enter through the left door. You will come out on the right. Push over the plank, and reset the color for the right door so that it is not colored.

Room 8: There are different size pearls on the floors and platforms to put the pearls on. Putting a pearl on one will raise the floor to create a part of a staircase. Experiment to find the right combination of pearls. The order is: Large, Medium, Huge, Tiny, Big, Small.

Room 9: There is a service hatch, a power outlet, a TV, a cord (connected to the TV) that can't reach the power outlet, and a screw driver in this room. Pick up the screw driver and unscrew the service hatch. Inside there is an extension cord. Plug it into the outlet, and then grab the cord connected to the TV and pull it to the extension cord. Plug it in and now the TV works! Turn on the TV and flip to the channels until you see a person walking through the rooms. Keep watching to see the order of the rooms she walks through. Take note of the channel numbers and use it on the keypad on the door (Note: She comes from the car first). The combination is 954271.

Room 10: There are 6 lights set up around the room. When you walk on the ground in front of one, it changes color. If you have a keen eye, you will also notice that the light blinks a certain number of times as well. Keep track of how many times each light blinks, as this is key to solving the puzzle. Going counter-clockwise around the room (starting from the door), the number of times each light blinks is: 4, 6, 2, 5, 3, 1. If you're smart you'll realize that these numbers correspond to which color you have to make the floor in front of the light. Going counter-clockwise around the room (starting from the door), the colors have to be: yellow, purple, green, cyan, blue, red. Once you input these colors, an elevator will appear.

Congratulations, you just beat the game!

Beatifully done.

First let me say that I loved how this game was pulled off. I loved every bit of it (peeper was just icing on the cake).

"Ok, so the password's P33P3R. There aren't any letters on the keypad. Assuming the user knows 1337, then that's... uhh.. 933932? What kind of 1337-geek do you have to be to figure out how to enter the real code? May as well have written it in Spanish."

- Dude the R at the end is lower case meaning it would be 933937
(notice a backwards 7 resembles the letter "r"?)

and think logically > the guy is on the opposite side of the glass, meaning you're seeing it in reverse. therefore the code the guy was trying to give you would be repeep - more correctly 739339

"I don't understand how to get a code from the television. I assumed it was the channel numbers that the robot walks on (in order), or the camera numbers, but neither worked."

-If you realize that the guy in green is progressing from the front entrance, through the house to his upstairs bedroom (the code being 54721), and if you took the time to check ALL the cameras you would notice cam 9 is his driveway, hence he would have had to of started there - not at the front door (5) and the TRUE code would be 954271.

3) The final challenge makes no sense. Am I supposed to wander around arbitrarily until the secret sequence of colours opens the door in a week?

-No... If you notice the lights blink a set number of times every time you step on an alloted triangle you could figure it out from there. The bottom right triangle has a light that blinks once when you step on it, one step changes it to red - the colour that represents 1 in this puzzle. Going clockwise, the space beside it has a light blinking 3 times, meaning you have to change the color 3 times - purple in this case. The next is 5 - cyan, followed by 2 - green, 6, and 4.

Good and fun short though

Well I'm glad the puzzles weren't ridiculously hard makes the game more accesible the 2nd to last puzzle gave me problems cause I tried about three other possibilities but once i exhausted those didn't take me long. Last puzzle was pretty damn hard though that took awhile still make more