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Reviews for "Gateway"

would have been a ten

i was all ready for this game to be awesome but when i got into the tv room and the keypad wouldn't work :/ I'd love to finish it once you fix the bug!


room 1 walk forward until you see blocks now walk around those and hit the switch
room 2 pick up the stairs and put them in the shaded area climb up hit the switch
room 3 pick up the remote and batteries combine them and use them on the light
room 4 match the lights on the floor with the lights on the picture (if you finish and walk on another floor piece you will have to start over
room 5 3 4 2 3 walk across hit the switch
room 6 look at the guy 3 times it will spell peeper backwards the code is 739339
room 7 knock down floor walk till two floor pieces light up now walk back push the other floor piece down and make the second light vanish
room 8 pick up the pieces and put them in this order Large medium huge tiny big small hit the switch
room 9 pick up screw driver unscrew electric box use extension on the plug hole use plug on extension turn on tv look at the tv the videos in order are 954271 thats the code enter it
room 10 okay there are 8 platforms but right and left don't change so don't worry about those
heres the colors for the platforms
top left green
top pink
top right yellow
bottom left light blue
bottom purple
bottom right orange
when you do this an elevator will appear and the colors will disappear walk on the elevator
Copy and paste for help.

Nice game, good story

I have just played and completed Gateway 1 and 2. It is erie, smooth to play, challenging and visually compelling. So if you like to think then this is the game for you.

A little side note Gateway 2 is currently broken on Newgrounds, so you will have to go to the authors personal web page to play it.

im stuck

i am stuck on the security camera and tv part. i really dont know what to do. you make one challenging level there, struma!

i am haveing trubble with lvl 7

idk what color to make the things wlathrough says push plank on the next floor make sure both colour are same eg: 1orange 2orange after that cross entrance u will notice have crossed exit push plank and change the right floor colour to none and go through exit. wtf dfoes 1 orange and 2 orange mean?