Reviews for "Gateway"

Nice game, good story

I have just played and completed Gateway 1 and 2. It is erie, smooth to play, challenging and visually compelling. So if you like to think then this is the game for you.

A little side note Gateway 2 is currently broken on Newgrounds, so you will have to go to the authors personal web page to play it.

im stuck

i am stuck on the security camera and tv part. i really dont know what to do. you make one challenging level there, struma!

i am haveing trubble with lvl 7

idk what color to make the things wlathrough says push plank on the next floor make sure both colour are same eg: 1orange 2orange after that cross entrance u will notice have crossed exit push plank and change the right floor colour to none and go through exit. wtf dfoes 1 orange and 2 orange mean?

Abstract, yet EERIE...

No matter what, the puzzles were creative and good, the mystery was great, and the atmosphere was terrifying.

I jumped out of my skin at the "Peeper" part.

I love it. 10/10, 5/5

Great game, Wish it were longer

The puzzles were great, I was thoroughly enjoying myself until the game ended which came to quick. I liked the last puzzle it was pretty difficult.