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Reviews for "Gateway"

this game was very well thought through! the puzzles and the challenges were very amazing! must play!!!!

I like the concept of the game, but the puzzles are poorly thought out and seemingly shallow. The interface takes just a bit too long to use. Also, why do I have to click to open the door goal and then click again to go into it? Once you reach the goal and it's open, the level should automatically end, instead of making the player go through useless extra steps.

lol wasnt hard at all but i got stuck for 2 mins at the tv room then i knew what it was it was 954271

its 9 the number that the thing didnt walk in on the tv and the rest how she walked

Nothing really happens, but it is still creepiness to the max oO. Nice puzzles, the last one had me stuck for a good 10 minutes.

nice game

my only anger is at the last room, that ws too vague a puzzle