Reviews for "Gateway"

Great job

Good game, I love how the puzzles slowly got harder, that was cool. My favorite part was the TV room, I like how you set that up. The final lvl was mind blowing, it took me so long to figure out what to do. Very well done, hope to see more.

Fun, but short

Like what the other people said, it was too short. I still think it's great though The last level didn't make any sense to me.

Good, but too short.

So this isn't all that innovative, kind of like the billions of room escape flash games out there. However, the graphics were good, I didn't encounter any programming bugs, and the difficulty of the puzzles progressed nicely, though the puzzles themselves were not that imaginative. The biggest problem I had was that, with a 3 room tutorial and a save-load feature with 9 slots, I was expecting at least 30 rooms in the entire game or something. When it turned out there were only 9 rooms (or whatever it is) I was really disappointed. The Crimson Room kept me occupied for longer than this.

Overall, still a good game.

Awesomely done.

Amazing. I REALLY loved this game. I mean, I made an account just to review it.

The music made me feel paranoid. I kept looking over my shoulder, expecting someone to be standing there. The graphics look great without being too complicated. The puzzles were nicely done. The game almost seems to slowly transition between the easier and harder puzzles. Keep up the great work.

Great Game!

It Was Hard, Especially The Last Level, The Graphics Were Good, With The 3D Box Man (The Sound Was Kinda Creepy Though, At The Teloscope Bit I Thought Something Would Pop Up)

Hope There's A Sequel!