Reviews for "MoreLikeBlue"

Great job.

If the beautiful randomness hadn't gotten 10/10, the ninja would have. The robot was a nice touch as well. Good stuff here.
Thanks for the movie.

Just incredible.

The style and work is so apparent here...this submission just radiates WIN.
This submission gets an absolute perfect score here.
5'd and 10'd.


omg, i love this so much! THIS IS THE AWESOMENESS! i love ninja bob. XD! but i also like robotron. OMG! I LOVE THIS! *hugs*


This is classic... But new at the same time.

Highly original. From the looks of it, I get the feeling youre planning to make this a series! IF so, that is awesome, if not, It was a great one-time thing!

I like how there arent too many colors, but everything seems in perfect place. They even bleed black lol.

Btw... This reminds me of something I would watch on MTV or Comedy Central, or Adult Swim or something... it has that... 'feeling'

Kudos +


Very rad. Very funny, and Bug should chill out.