Reviews for "A Paper Mario Fight."

(( Needs more ))

lol it was entertaining but could have more content, maybe even more 3d like characters instead of just fliping them around, but it was funny and made me laugh abit.

Add more content because it was very short, also some more full characters.

A funny but short mario stomping


what was that bit at the end about?

it was ok, just that bit at the end. You could actually end it somewhat better. anyway keep up the O.K work. or do better, your choice

not bad one

very short, but i havent seen very many animations/games based off of Paper Mario, so it was a bit original.


Alot of people think that sound was an error. LMAO! Yea, this error on the game kept happening to me when i get alot of stuff without saving. But now i just play the Paper Mario 2 and it never does that cause its a cd...


I voted 5, is that ok?