Reviews for "A Paper Mario Fight."

Whats up with all the flash-haters below me?

this is really cool.i cant stand those other guys below me saying basically" OMFG dat sound huurt me eers u sockxorz wart is noot a papper mario char.!?!?!u SUX!!!'

Yea.......well in my opoinion,it was really funny. and also TRUE!i like,just beat the Big parahna plant in act 5,and i didnt save yet.and BOOM!there goes my brother.he hits my game cartrige and,after beating the crap out of him,i have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN.but,yea.i really really liked this.there should me more paper mario flashes in this world.thank-you for making the world a better place.

ok up to the beep

when i first saw this i thought wow! this is going to be good but then i relized that it went all strange and i thought crap it's a joke i carn't belive i fell for it. On the over hand it kinda made me laugh a bit good work.

Not bad

I have a feeling you were going for that effect at the end, in which case, job well done.


but you need to make it soit has a kind of reset thing which make mit finmish

Made my ears bleed

where was the gag? all I saw was mario jumped on then i went deaf from the noise