Reviews for "A Paper Mario Fight."


This is very sad if you think this is a work of "art' id hate to see your trash plus you give Paper Mario a bad name with this and Paper Mario pwns dude

what the hell!

what the hell is it supposed to do that annoying noise? i was ex pecting somthing much better

wtff man

what the hell was that, that has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen it was only one hit and BOOOM a load of stupid ass nose that sounds like a record player being smashed

Wart isnt a paper mario character

Also what was that noise ffs?

Good idea..

I love Paper Mario... I really do.. and I was so dissapointed when it fucked up a few seconds in, but you should fix it and repost it, or at least try. Maybe ask someone to help you out with the error, whereever it may be.

Good luck! I'll give it a ten, because I am nice