Reviews for "Submit"

makes you think doesnt it

not only is it something we can all address and relate too, it has some deeper philosophy than that.

Anyway, great animation, sound, concept, and feel (like you havent heard alrdy).
And anyone who can't understand this, go read a book or sometin cause u've been veggin out on the comp too much.

Great art, concept, and feel.

I loved this, it was short but sweet. And it... I don't know, I just like it. The art was awesome and it was just a very likable Flash. To submit is to risk all. One of mine didn't make the jump.

This was a nice flash...

...but it was a bit tough to make sense of. What was the light near the end? Other than that, my only complaint was that it was too short. With music and animation that good, I had hoped it would be longer.


Very creative, I liked it alot because of that and the great animating.

BAT MAN!!!!!

funny coz it had the batman tune and it was A+++++