Reviews for "Submit"


That was really cute, kudos. Your animation overall was very well done, above average compared to most of the things I see in the portal. Clever idea. The music fit well with it, there were few times when it didn't quite match.

I'll be waiting for another submission from you.

Well thought up

The little flash made it to it's destination I thought this was good, I don't think I've seen any ideas like this. Good job.


dat was actually quite kool. nice work. n is dat da batman theme track u got up? wher da hell do i get dat from lol keep up da good shizzle i look forward to ur next submissions

Fantastic Idea and Well Done, but...

I loved this. It's a great idea and was well executed, but I don't think you covered enough. It seemed like you were really just covering the upload and blam/protect process. It'd be nice if you added your artistic interpretation of the creation or the final publishing, or blamming, or winning awards, or getting front page.

Other than its narrow scope, I pretty muched everything about this.

Stuff n' Stuff

I love the artwork, its pretty ownage. I've seen other movies like this, they're ussually a little longer >.<

To my point, this was great.