Reviews for "Submit"

Love it

Your graphic effects on the .swf character was good. I love your effort into this movie... and the music, well the music was amazing. What makes it even more amazing is that I played that song in the 7th grade, and I understand how wonderful it is when used for something. I love to just listen to the song itself, truly. Danny Elfman is god of the instruments.


The graphics were quite mesmorising. I can imagine it took a long time to draw them up. Really impressed me. And it does say a lot about the system, gives Newgrounds a breath of life really.

Loved it.

Great work man. The animation and graphic effects was awesome! Great opening and very climactic, but It was a little short though. The ending wasn't perfect. Still, awesome work! :)

It sooo cute ^^

I was expecting a super fantastical ending but its good all the way!


I like the drama involved in this one. The epic journey.....of a new Animator.....who found his way to Newgrounds...........and faces his fear.....he submits his first flash. epic. 9/10 would be max if it was a bit longer.