Reviews for "The CCs humble beginnings"

Great clock day movie.

I just can't help it.
I love clocks.
Every time I see a good clock movie I vote 5.
That why I love clock day. ^_^
And now for the movie.
Graphics are good.
I love the sound.
And the humor is really good.
(Especialy the part when you threw the book a evilberryclock.)
(That was funny.)
Overall I love this movie.
P.S Happy clock day.

RupeeClock responds:

Oh I do love.
The way that you fifen.
And I am glad.
That you enjoyed my movie.



haha awesome movie

yet another awesome movie by rupee, it was hilarious.
i cant wait for your next movie (:

RupeeClock responds:

Me neither. :P

Where is strawberry clock now?

See title.

RupeeClock responds:

How should I know? I don't stalk him.

Easter egg

Woot treeclock!
I'm watching all clock vids, I've now watched B and this :3

Coming back to this now, I keep forgetting how brilliant (and hilarious) this flash was in documenting the misadventures of the infamous StrawberryClock and the early beginnings of the Clock Crew. Fore something so simple, here's just that one thing about it that makes you keep coming back just to watch it all again and again years ahead in time. Really, it's that unforgetable.

Take my fiven, again.


To those of you still trying to figure out where are the hidden easter eggs, here are the locations:

1.) When SBC gets his first flash blammed like a n00b, click on his computer screen.
2.) After the gang rallies up and make their way for something colder, click on the foliage.
3.) Switching to something pleasantly warming, look for something green.
4.) When the team huddles towards SBC before breaking the news, click on the king.
5.) You're going to have to find this one yourself! (Because I hadn't found it yet, haha)