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Reviews for "The CCs humble beginnings"


Rupee, once again you have made an excellent flash. You should make another one. 10'd.

RupeeClock responds:

Yeah, I might make another something sometime soon, I dunno.


Amazing Rupee....
Graphics:Full of gradiants.. but it's sex!
Style:Well... you did tell how the clock crew started.
Sound:Nice picks of sounds,especially the credits.
Violence:Rupee slamed evilberry with a book!
Interactivity:Buttons and the easter eggs.
Humor:Lol.. your colors change everytime.. hahahahaha.
Overall:9 Pretty Decent :)
-RaspberrySun :)
PS:don't get annoyed if your review is from a spinoff group :(

RupeeClock responds:

To be honest, yes, because your avatar is just RaspberryClock replaced with a shitty gradient.


I remember I watched this back at clockday. Watched again! Yay!

RupeeClock responds:


very good rupeeclock!

With this flash I have been able in to know more about our friend strawberryclock, ih ope to see more!sorry for the bad english, i sepak french.Anyway good work!

ps:i'm the guy in who asked you somethings about speakonia, and i dont found it :'(

RupeeClock responds:

Dude, if you can't find a program on the internet, I shouldn't be helping you, somebody needs to teach you how to use the internet a bit better.

It's not hard at all, but here is the site.

http://www.cfs-technologies.c om/home/?id=1.4

Use THIS PAGE so you can export sound files as .wav

http://www.cfs-technologies.c om/scripts/speakonia/

And I recommend downloading some language packs, since you are French.

Ok so you won

I'll admit I like your clock stories. They're too darn funny. You're the only clock I like so far, so if you'd recommend other clock films I'll check em out. 5 in violence was for you pegging that dude with the book. That was pretty rough.

RupeeClock responds:

Check out the clockcrew collection page, many of those are worth checking out.

Anything from my list of flash you might like would be SBC's wonderful clockmas tiem, SBC plots for frontpage, and maybe Untitled-1.fla