Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

Nice one man! you kick the crap out of tributes!

you rock man! it i AWSOME!!! i'm not gonabe retarded and say wat everyone said but the next one will be a much better (tribute) if you could rev up the graphics a lil and make some more posters
not a stupid amount but some more. also can you make the hero speed up a little and make the rooms a little better in size and backround. but over all it was ROCKIN make more man! :D

P.S dont listen to the fuck hole wanting to pick a fight they couldn't do better

someone explain something to me please

ok i like it alot but what i just wanted to clear up is. is that madness from the rest of the other flashs or is this guy some what the next madness if any body can answer me this question cuz im not confused i just want to get it alrite instead of wrong.

good movie keep it up and to the person who ever made the game madness make another i think every body agrees with me on that

and to any one who asnt played the game and cant find it ok this is not a promotion of any sie it just the way i no how to get to the madness game and its in NG some where its just that i dont no how to get it from in here ok first go to googles and then type madness interactive and then enter the first will say NG presents madness interactive and thats it im sure theres other ways and differnet sites but this is the only way that i no of


they do reload but most of the times he just throws he's guns and get news one neither from he's pocket or from dead guys he just killed


i like idea about hank and him being mates


Okay.You have a style in clothing to put on The Eliminator.Also,I saw that poster that showed hank and the eliminator together.Awsome!Too short though.