Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

This was pretty bad

Sorry but this was just shit. I dont care if you respond harshly to my review, it still doesnt change that this was just unoriginal and terrible. Mabye if you weren't completely copying and FAILING to do it right itd be a bit better

Splurgle responds:

Since I see you are an EXPERIENCED flash artist, I completely respect your opinion.

Please come up with an original idea.

You have potential, and you put a decent amount of effort into this flash. However, this is not your idea, it is stolen, and thus, I have absolutely no respect for you. Make an original idea, find something and call it your own. You clearly have the potential to get somewhere, once you make that, I'll check back and rate it accordingly.

Splurgle responds:

O ya? Stolen? It's called a tribute, not a stolen movie. Lol, Demon.

amazing but

that was awsome but a lil bit to fast and could do being a lil bit longer but other than that great

Splurgle responds:

Stop typing with your ass.

cant see

that went far far t fast,i barly saw what was happening..you might want to slow it down,if anything

Nothing good. The worst thing is agents often attacked main hero only one per time while others waited.