Reviews for "Madness Elimination 2"

its good but..

the dumbasses don't even tr they're just movin around. good though 4 out of 5

Splurgle responds:

I promise you. I promise you. The Eliminator is already having a tough time killing agents in the 3rd. So far, he's been having a 15 second sword debut with an agent. It's going swell.

die moterfucke die i dont need ur forgivnes

ur stuff rely is not for clildern

Splurgle responds:


sure beats #5

But im thinking that krinkels has watched this, and used your idea of the gradient red - black background at the start. He used it in TM2 and didn't giv that credit to u? Anyway, u did technically rip him off, nice job, make make #6, im telling u, u'll pwn at it. This is like the hundredth time im telling u, make 6


Nice, but why was that guard crying in the last room before the ending? The room where there were a lot of guards.


i like idea about hank and him being mates