Reviews for "Mario, the Battle"

What he said.

Boost the speed and you've got a winner.

Street Fighting Mario is hilarious! I can't wait for the rematch with Donkey Kong. Color and resolution was a nice touch, hearking back to the shitty 8 bit animation of the original games, thus providing authenticity and in turn boosting the humor level. (How's that for a runon sentence?)

And I didn't even have to put in a quarter.

EMProductions responds:

here u go, i sped it up from 8 FPS to 11 FPS. what do u think now?

Johnys awesome review

Its all a bit slow love, speed it up a notch and i might come back tomorrow and raise my score to 1

it was ok

moved to slow. if it were faster youd get a better score. All my five R belong to this!