Reviews for "Mario, the Battle"

Needs Improvement

I wish there wuz a background sound. also their actions didn't fit the background and the text was kinda messy. also it could have been longer and more actiony and more adventure like. plus the mario became a little 2 big @ the end so plz fix those things. well but at least u made it thru judgement! :-)


you should make it longer, and about the sound of bowser, you should use the sound like the movie in newgrounds called Super Mario Bros. Z, try your best next time, keep it up

worth above average marks

it was relly gd but,
da speechs bubbles r a let down
and the voices were superb
well done 8

well done

i loved how the back ground was very creative

great movie!!!

wow that's a short but very cool sprite movie. it has all the shit to make it a very cool movie. there isn't much to say left because you just did a great job. however you maybe could had make the jumping to the pipe a bit better. oh and yeah i've got a question: you get sprites from wich site? wanna know because i also want to make sprite movies.
keep up the good no fantastic work.