Reviews for "Mario, the Battle"

pretty cool

can you teach me how to add music or sounds to flash movies? (pleease?)

EMProductions responds:

wuzzup, u wanna no how to put nin sound? all u do it find the type of sound/music. right click and pick save target as... save it wherever u want. then, click and drag the sound file into your library.(if u don't no wat that is, contact me on the IM. my SN is on my profile). once the sound file is in ur library, select the frame u want to start it in and click and drag the sound from ur library onto the screen. there u go, u got sound! any questions, IM me

Good movie.

Still a bit to slow. If you speedit up to at least 17 fps it should be good. Ohand where did you get the sounds from??????

EMProductions responds:

17 FPS? wow, the movie looks like its on crack now. no, 17 won't work for this one, maybe my sequel to M&L: a tale of two bros.

Too short but fun to watch.

I liked your colorful animation and graphics. Sound could be improved and would have liked a longer movie. Thanks.

Good... But...

Too slow, and the dialog boxes could be better. And low quality sound.

O_o and there are too many Mario VS. "X Character" on NG =S

EMProductions responds:

i just upped the speed, watch it again


This is GREAT!! Bowser's gone! YIPPEE, HAHAHA!