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Reviews for "Cloud's Day Off"


its sad this was real crap, but the stupid thing actually made me laf.lol. that keke thing was rlly retarded at first but i dunno somehow it was funny. the rest was just crap. lol tho..

and the music was far too loud compared to everything else.

and you know what if u wait long nuff the music actually ends. it restarts tho after a second or two.

ShitlordCentral responds:

happy faic


that was pretty weird u made all the good videogame characters stupid and narutos mouth looked like and asshole

ShitlordCentral responds:

lol naruto

Hmm... entertaining.

Why was everything blurry?

ShitlordCentral responds:

I put quite a lot of effort into drawing the characters, that it ended up to graphic intensive, and the entire flash would end up lagging. I had to fuck around and smudge 'em and shit just to get this running at a fairly smooth level.


Omfg!! tht was so cool. I wish i woz at der party ^_____^. i liked da way u synced all of the characters to go with the music!!! ^______^u r good.
Wotz more awesum iz dat Naruto soundz like that!! ^____^.

I really hope u make mor, ur kind of animations make it worthy cumin to dis place. Aslong as dey contain Cloud, Link or a hot chinese girl dan i am kule wif dat sir!!!

ShitlordCentral responds:

You're my kind of people.

Turd of the week?

...well, definitely. But from all the crappy entries that are blammed every day it's a quite funny one...

My advice: Try to W-O-R-K next time when you're creating a flash movie.

ShitlordCentral responds: