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Reviews for "Cloud's Day Off"

I wouldnt suggest this to FF parodies

I dont think this should make it to my wesite list of FF videos =(

ShitlordCentral responds:



THE voice overs didn't seem right, & it was a little too ramdom for my tastes.

ShitlordCentral responds:


loltj lugj

i submitted to collection final fantasy lolzorrwsfnuijtdfhonryodfgb

ShitlordCentral responds:

ur my favorit supa heroe


Man you need to get better graphics all that traced stuff looked tacky draw it yourself or stick to sprites instead of tracing images
if you wanna use images theres a certain style which is hard to do to make it look crap but aculey work and be funny
just keep practising

ShitlordCentral responds:

lol ok buddy

well it woulda helped wit a better story line

your sound was good and everything maybe u do something about your graphics and change the plot and u can become a good movie maker :P

ShitlordCentral responds: