Reviews for "Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final"

2 Angry Yelling Sprees?

Wow if your having a bad day and you made this i cant wait to hear something from you on a good day. Totally awsome, love what youve done. Keep up the good work! :D

Burn7 responds:

They weren't even good yelling sprees. It was just me flailing around angrily going "AgablablargablaA!" and stuff.


I LOVE THE DRUMS SOOOOO MUCH! THEY ARE EPIC!!!! makes me wanna run around breaking things!

(heres an extra 10 stars)
and a cookie ^_^
( : : )

Burn7 responds:

Muhaha! FINALLY! I finally got a cookie. Awesome.



Honestly I love pokemon so I got the games...

Burn7 responds:

Well that's good! It's a helluva lot better than pirating them. Support the studios!

Jeez...this is my problem...

I'm sorry but I can't stand the drums, they just feel obnoxious to me. It just feels too heavy as well, to even fit what it feels like being at that place for the first time... Yean it's intense like this, but this doesn't do it enough justice, it feels like you're trying to hard to be a badass.

My opinion.

Burn7 responds:

(/sarcasm)Obnoxious, heavy drums? In a metal song? That's so WEIRD huh? Because Metal isn't known for having a driving, heavy drumkit at all! (/sarcasm)

It makes me think all you listen to would be Trance and/or Techno.

And based off your current audio submissions I may be right.

But regardless, I appreciate taking time to throw in your 2 cents.


These pokemon songs always rock my socks :)

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude!