Reviews for "EXPGEN"


this game is perfect i cant count how many games iv made already but... i forgot to send in the codes to your websight so i dont think anyone can play any of my levels... oh and i figured out that newgrounds posted codes do work in this game and there all working perfectly for me


great game

I love this. The costumization is amazing. Good work and keep it up.


that was the best thing i have ever played this is going on my favs list you should make another were you could set where the enemys go like between this point and this point

W00t! All my 5s R belong 2 this!

I am a big fan of Platform games and this is what Ive always wanted to do with them! Make a somewhere for maps (I dont want to enter any competition to get my map appreciated).

The Best Stage Editor I've seen on the Internet

This is, hands down, the best stage editor I've ever seen on the Internet. If there's a better one, I haven't seen it yet.