Reviews for "EXPGEN"


ok.. i'm sorry but newgrounds "attendees" dont want to spend this much time getting into a game they want to sit down and BAM be playing something that is simple fun and easy to use this is sadly none of these. but dont take my word for it spend 10 minutes trying to play this and you'll see for those half a dozen of you that had the patience to play this i salute you but.... Grrr i want a game to play when i click on games not a game that makes me make a game because and heres the kicker its "not a game" if you're "making a game" ;D so next time you want to make a game like this dont.


when i load my game,it will go to my file but it will make every character appear!real fast in a cycle!

so white..........

What kind of game is just a white screen?come on.....


all of the links are dead. what's going on here? the help button doesn't work, the bug report doesn't work, NOTHING WORKS!!
what happened? did the project die?

Only crap