Reviews for "EXPGEN"


this is great i love it


That was fun, i was playing this for 6 hours, and i made, Weed Wars I, II, and III, also, High Mario Bros, and the World Of Madness


You can make some real cool levels with this, there are some good tiles and stuff on here. Also you don't have to stick with characters to match tilesets. You can have sonic with a mario tileset! It's awesome. It's addicting to play this just to see what sort of levels you can come up with next.


It's really cool. It inspired me to make a bunch of levels with a story.
Now, if there was a sequel, it should probably include the following:
-A wider bunch of sprites
-Allows us to put in our own numbers (the highest for health and such is 9, and for points, they go by intervals of 50, nowhere in between)
-A way to put in our own story before the level starts
-A way to put in our own music (obviously this would be hard if you kept the password codes, but these are just ideas I'm throwing out here)
-A way to draw! Things like a pen tool, line tool, boxes, ovals, foreground and background drawing for scenery and more creative possibilities, ect. (again, I don't know how that'd happen with the password codes still being used)
-Uploading sprites somehow
-Items like melee weapons (sword sprites and stuff), laser gun sprites (with different sprite projectile), jet-pack sprites, etc.
-Start and finish tiles
-More than two enemies at a time

I know this sounds ridiculously unrealistic. It is. But if any of these would ever be used in a sequel, that'd be awesome, so don't rate this useless just yet.

try mine

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