Reviews for "DCK Fanmail #1"


I thought it was kind of funny at first but the more I watched it the less I liked it. What exactly was the part with the dead girl? that was just gross as was the part with the sperm machine. Maybe next time pick some other fan mail and make a better movie off of it. Other than that I liked it. P.S. Maybe add some more sound.


I loved it except the part when you make fun of legendary frog so i had to bring down humor a little im tired of everyone makin fun of legendary frog he is awesome unlike most artists now besides that its awesome!


Great job! Damn that was amsuing. Unlike so much other garbage on NG's... Nice work. No review necessary. 9/10

so that's how christina looks like

cool. so that's how klunk's GF would look like..as if he would need a real one..cool flash

not for the faint of heart!!!!

really good but i liked the ending joke much better.