Reviews for "DCK Fanmail #1"

Finaly back!!

another great cycon flash..its not the best one iv seen but it made me laugh...still a 10 out of 10 cuz ur one of ma favorite animators on this site...worth the long wait..keep em comin


deffintly not one of your good episodes, coulda done alot better. didnt even make me chuckle.


Not all too great, but it got a chuckle out of me.

You wack it, we pack it.

That was very funny and original ^^ (unlike those other flashs around NG that simply copy jokes from the simpsons or family guy)

The graphics and sounds were excellent, also not to mention the lip syncing. This could actually pass for a T.V show since it was greatly created.

I didn't give a high score for interactive because well yeah, nothing to press :P

Anyway keep up the good work.


This is funny. hehe. Graphics and voice acting are good too. By the way, what was he trying to get out of that woman's ass/vagina with the vacuum cleaner?