Reviews for "DCK Fanmail #1"

Dead Hookerz!

"...Fuck." and the crowd goes wild! The hooker part was wrong, but who gives a crap if it is, its funny. I thought that is what Kristina looked like...

Dear Cycon...

....this was really nice flash and when this was Fanmail number one there will be number two too? Anyways, I love your work and I hope the radio show will continue again soon and next Fanmail comes soon too. Well, I just need to wait....

OMFG! This day has come!!

OMG!!! I can't believe that I am reviewing one of my favorite artist's piece of work, Cycon! Now im a full member of Newground and i want to tell you that im very admire to every piece of your work!! In Thailand, its traditionally to give a wish to a person we are very admire. I wish that you and all crews of DCK project to meet with only success in life and make a lot of pieces of work to satisfy all the fans around the world. ÊÇÑÊ´Õ¤ÃѺ! (Sawaddee Krub - can be mean hello and goodbye)

Cycon you've done it again

Great work dude, the dead hooker bit had me shooting rum out of my nose...do you know how much that burns man...a fucking lot...
Oh right, the review. Anyways, you've gotten a lot better with your animation skills, much improvement I see. You've yet to disappoint me with a Flash man. I look forward to the next one.
//Psychon (Ah the Gaia days)

Great flash leading me to all the other ones.

This was the first Cycon episode I ever saw and after this I watched them all. Their all great, keep up the awesome work.