Reviews for "Goth Lyfe 6: What the **?"


This is great. I'm considered one of the 'Goths' at my school and would love to share this. Maybe then it would keep them busy long enough for me escape when they point and call me 'Goth'.

What the *bleep?*

hehe you make every episode funnier =]

Woah! Oh my Goth!

That was great, I'm really starting to get into these, you gotta make more! My favourite part is how they link up and keep you in suspense! The characters really start to grow on you too, LOL...Roger....what a weirdo!


that wasnt goth. thats like, emo.
get your stereotypes straight boy.

Oh my goth

This is the fricken best series on NG keep it up. I love making fun of goth kids.