Reviews for "Goth Lyfe 6: What the **?"

You are a genius

LMAO!!! Well done! I love the Goth Lyfe series, you have to make more! The characters are great, I could listen to those hilarious voices all day, and the animation (despite what others say) is really good (there's always room for improvement no matter how good you get though). One suggestions: it would have been cool to see Roger looking like he actually got beat up (newgrounds audiences love blood). Well done, you are a genius with a gawsome sense of humour.

i love this series

i wanna see alot more episodes to this. i love it!!!!!!


Now you just need the group to go to a goth dance club and meet all the RivetHeads, I've yet to see a good parody of that sub-scene.


the bleeping was funny but got annoying, good story tho


Nothing about this was good. Three or four Goths bleep instead of swearing, despite the fact that there was almost no swearing in any previous episodes. That was the only joke.