Reviews for "Goth Lyfe 6: What the **?"


The plot in this one was kinda pointless but that scene with roger in the closet was like, So totally hilarious I LOL'ed myself! I mean, who would thought he'd attack mace with a mop!?! And beg for help from Halo's Master Chief!?! Todds really maturing into the group now huh!
Keep up the good work guys!


i really like this series... and even though it is severely... ridiculous the way its portray, its really good and really funny... i like it and i hope you get a series page out of this. i cant really think of anything you need to improve on... so CHEERS!!!

I liked it a lot...

...but there is something going on with the voiceovers, I'm gettin' some hiss, you may wanna look into that. I gave it a Five, Please make more and keep up the good work.


A bit off, but hey, thats goth. Nice work, better graphics next time (too much brush tool, try pencil for a change)


This movie is not bad it's a little boring but it's good.