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Reviews for "Armor Games Collection"

Ive gotta say when was it that diving got to be so

FUN man i love the diving game in this i played it for hours... couldnt believe it anyways the other games are kinda retarded and isnt the 2nd 1 a remake? anyways u should make the diving game solo and bigger so u can see ure little guy but nice work... seriously


itd really funny man if you work on graphics youll get more fives i give you a 5/5

Cool times three.

What a great collection of games. Diving was the best and the Thrash and Smash came a close second, had the player been more responsive in his turns to face the enemy this game would most definately have ranked first in my books.
Well done, loved them all.
My only suggestion is that in the diving game you make a goal to achieve or an opponent to compete against.
I'd like to see the diving one expanded into a figure skating competition and possibly a moggles down hill competition. There's lots of possible sports to apply this to.
Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty good!

those were pretty good, im not kidding, definantly worth trying!


That diving game was pretty funny, landing him flat on his chest and all, that'd hurt like hell.

The spaceship game i didnt quite get the hang of, good graphics, I liked how you could add another computer.

The Fighting game I really liked, I got up to level 4 but died soon after.