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Reviews for "Armor Games Collection"

Not bad

i was into the space one, it could be better though, it would seem that all ships, even races have the same weapons, it would make it better if you split the weapons between races and then ships.

like, making each race have 12 different (but sort of similar) weapons, and each ship 3 weapons each, if you get what i mean. it would make it have more playability, and don't forgot that it should be possible to change ships in between rounds.


kinda boring nuff said


alright, but there are a lot of better games by armor.

twas a cruddy mix of games

i liked the fact that your bringing old games into the light

i was ok

i liked it but in my opinion it was a bit repetitive, however i liked that there was more than one game in this and the diving one was cool but you should have set a goal