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Reviews for "Armor Games Collection"


armor still amazes me! AAA++++++++++++++++!!!!

u know wat

the last guys an ass hole and can go fuck a camel :P i liked them


These 3 games are so Horrible, come on smashing vegetables and knives?!? And the diving game was stupid too. Diving game: you fell too quickly, needed some music and HIGHER board and maybe some levels would be nice, WE NEED SOME CHALLENGES. One problem on "Smash and Thrash", it was a bit hard to turn around.
Space Game was better than all the other games. Space Game actually let me played 10 min. SPACE GAME NEEDS CHALLENGES 2!!

To sum it alll up: MAKE MORE CHALLENGS


That was crap i say u dont diserve front page

Not bad, if you're bored

The diving game really saved this submission in my eyes. I don't know why but for some reason it was just fun.
------------------------------FOR THE AUTHOR--------------------------------------------
Also making it to and pasing lvl 4 in Thrash and Smash was actaully fairly easy. I do have a recommndation on how to make it harder however, and that is this. Make it so each wing you take and don't hit something penalize the player somehow or make it so there is an endurance meter so after a while of swing you have to stop and rest otherwise you can just keep swinging like a mad man. Major props on the alien game though.