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Reviews for "A Clockwork Community"

I Expected More...

From the description I thought this would be pretty funny. Alas, it's as cheap as any other 9/11 movie. Oh well, at least it has thems crazy clocks in it. Damn... I just said the only thing that saved this film was the clock crew; their influence on me is getting stronger... ;-)

Why do you all hate them?

I havent seen one Clock entry i haevent liked, and im going to do my best to help out those guys.

a touching piece

go clock go-all you need is love

i love you clocks

can i be potato clock?


Pineaple & Orange clock make the only half decent movies for clock crew. And orange made one good movie then went back to being an arse!!! Why dont you get your act together and make something decent if u got the talent?