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Reviews for "A Clockwork Community"


a stirring look at the hardship and philanthropy of those innocents, the Clock Crew. offering forgiveness and love to even those who criticize and mock them, they are the saints of Newgrounds, the salt of the earth.
the movie is beautifully presented, and was so limpid and romantic (yet truthful) in its perspective on life as to move this viewer to tears.
the best choice of works for Newgrounds-goers and laymen alike: a wonderful insight into the humanity of today.

absolutely beautiful

God bless you too pineapple clock. stand up to the bigots and ass holes that try to knock you down. Always remember that you are fighting for the side of good. This flag is going in my car...


if you say so. its cool that you got it to print a flag, whether it really prints a flag, or just some shit, i don't know because my printer is busted.

Loved it

Such a beautiful movie. If you don't like this one, or don't watch it, you're never going to understand. It's good, nice flash about helping each other. We're spreading the love, and you 13-year-olds aren't understanding, because you're exerting your puberty-induced insanity upon us.

You Engrish Is Much Good Than Me.

hahahaaa...i love you, Pineapple Clock.