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Reviews for "A Clockwork Community"

Wow... this was quite a surprise.

This is one of the first decent movies I've seen the clock crew display here on the portal. Could this mean they're turning over a new leaf?

btw: loved the picks of the clockwork fruit ;-p


clocks...so dedicated...so misunderstood

Hardly up to the usual Clock standards...

You can't possibly be a Clock, cause that submission was actually decent.

O 4 god sake....

Blinkid182 : Listen up you fucking little homophobic asswipe. Ok where should i start? You obviously have the mentality of bottom dwelling scum, when will you and all your stupid "buddies" grow up? Just because some one happens to make a movie that reflects sentimentality, rather than your usual dumb fucknuckle shoot em' up blood and guts unfunny crap does not, repeat, DOES NOT, make them gay. As a straight male, i despear when people that have no compassion knock someone who is brave enough to express their's. And how do you express your stupidity? Through derogatory homophobic name flinging. Its dickheads like you that make our society unliveable for ppl with alternative lifestyles, and contribute to a sterile and boring world.
OK the movie wasnt great, nor action packed, but there are ppl reviewing this who gave it 0 simply because it was made by a clock!! Come on Tom and Wade you shouldnt let this happen - And your arguments are so weak in relation to T and W being clocks - who cares if they are?! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, DONT WATCH IT DIPSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a pretty good messege and a good slide show needs a littl improvement oer all 4 stars