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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"

Amazing as always

The space scene was awesome! I can scarcely believe how detailed it was. It's way cool to see the ships of starcraft duking it out in 3D, instead of just hovering there and firing on the spot.

I have a question...

The first fight was a bit obscure... I didn't understand exactly what happened when Jones was fighting the Protoss hand-to-hand. Another one appeared behind Jones, then the first Protoss seemed to suddenly have its Psi-blades activated, then the next thing we see is one of the guys saying "good work Jones!". What exactly did Jones do?

LogFish responds:

Well a man couldn't beat a zealot obviously so jones was just trying to distract them so the other dudes could get their weapons together etc. ... the scene is a bit fragmented it's not my best work that bit! Glad you like the rest of it, hope the next one doesn't disappoint :)


This movie was awesome but i got a few questions

I thought the battlecruisers had turrets instead of having only the front weapons instead of using only hte front of the battlecruisers which is i think i understand becuase of starcraft but i believe battlecruisers have turrets around them to protect from both air and ground, also why didnt the friendly protoss release interceptors? like the hostile protoss? and why wont hte science vessel defence matrix its own battlecruiser for protection.(if its the energy issue i understand :P)

Plus i see a little problem not to offend you or any thing but hte overlords doesnt look like the ones in starcraft because it is alive they have eyes they are like elephants sort of. And where is all the wraiths? last time i checked battlecruisers have hangar's in starcraft chinmatics for dropships//wraith//valkyrie etc.

I love this movie and it is freakin awesome i hope you make episode 4 really cool good luck on making it.

LogFish responds:

Yea it does suggest the BC have lots of laser batteries on them, but for for the battle vs. carriers I just felt like one big shot would be more appropriate (and easier for me, heh) - in the next ep you'll see I've put more batteries on them for ground attack.
I forgot about overlord heads.
Glad you like the series :) Hopefully the next one won't disapoint - I've been animating it all day today and it's coming along pretty good, looks like it'll be ok to watch. But now I'm going to the movies, heh.

awsome 3rd installment to the series

krayzie 3rd episode lol wen tha protoss carrier gets shot by the yamato gun, y does a car alarm go off haha sorta confused me other than that tha episode was awsome


You have created a very... well creative Sub-Plot set in the StarCraft universe, who knows, if Blizzard make a second Starcraft, then maybe they would even reference this in the game somehow...
well done, best one so far!