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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"


i hate runescape

Back with the boys again!!!!

its not bad, but...
Its boring.
Coz' i saw it few times before you submitted it ,i think:D

I like it, though.

Lopaxe responds:

horny Hawk will catch you!

very good.

You fixed the graphics. yay. It's pretty short and confusing. Did you do all the voices? I'm lazy to read the credits. Anyway if it was good job. It made it funnier, which it really didn't need becuase I was busy laughing at the guy riding on the teletubbie on a rainbow. Keep it up.

Lopaxe responds:

:D:D oh yes... i will... atleast, one episode...

You Stole My Board You Bastard!!!

You Stole My Board You Bastard!!! haha.. that move was tops man

very nice

Man,pretty messed up

Actually......Dying on RS MAY be easy BUT not THAT easy............Lol,Mysterious old Motherfucka.........