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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"

great spoof

I used to play runescape, but i quit to play guildwars cause its much better. I love the way you made fun of it, i was always looking for some1 to make fun of it. Keep it up

rofl lmfao lol!!!!!!! You did it zero films!

Ive been waiting for this for quite some time since I reviewed your last flash,(newbiescape 4) You had said you were going to get rid of those sticks and the character design is tight! Ive reviewed all ure submissions and I could use a great rs toon and some great gut busting humor. Best Noobiescape ever.

p.s. If u look under the the submitions on all ure films ive reviewed them. Also I wish I could hang out with you in runescape. Remember my name is blkbeard22, Im an 82 combat so Im not a n00b lol.

Your no.1 fan,
runescapeplaya1356 or blkbeard22 (whichever fits your liking)

lol! omg! lmao! rofl!

omg lump of shit! mysterious old muther fucker lolololollololol lmao


lmao, zezima flying around on a teletubbie.

lol powned

lol powned