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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"


that was pretty funny how you were trying to make fun of runescape there

Well done!

This is a good flash animation. And yes, Runescape does suck, and the people saying the graphics suck are morons because it's actually quite good considdering it's better than any shit ever seen on Runescape.

However, the plot was missing, it was humerous but not funny. Try a little harder on the script next time.

I see room for improvement but you're on the right path as far as the animation goes. Good work, I would support you to make more flash animations.

And seriously don't listen to the morons saying graphics is bad, it's GOOD! (Just to end on a posetive note)

nice one...

this was really funny...atlast our charctar is not stupid idiotic noob...he even has rune armour...nice work

Lopaxe responds:

thx for review :)


lol pretty lights 1 thing i dont understand tho...if hez a noob y wuz he wearing rune armor?

Lopaxe responds:

his name is imnotan00b, doesn't it say anything?

eh i liked the first part...

i liked the first part...i always hated that chicken quest lol...but i didnt like the evil chicken part...seemed to....idk short and more of a joke for like....srry to say this if ur not but....more of a 10 year olds joke...other then that it was funny! ^..^ ill give u a 7 for now lol...if it wasnt for the evil chicken part i would have loved it lol srry dude