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Reviews for "Danny Elfman's Bad Day"

This is absolute brilliant! I love it! Speaking as a long term Danny Elfman fan you definitely got his sound down. I'd suggest though for future reference more drums :)

Wow that definately does sound like Danny Elfman. Nice going harry

Upon first listening, I thought this was actually Danny.
Mad kudos to you, sir. Very Beetlejuice-esque, in my opinion. Definitely has a Haunted Mansion Holiday/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feel near the end.

You have truly grabbed the true essense of Danny Elfman with this song.
I humbly applaud you, my good sir :D

Unique sounds here

Now this was a good song here one of the best i have heard in awhile, seems like you really put some quality into it, kinda has a scary creepy feel to it but not so much just a hint of it, The song kinda jumps up from its slow tempo which was pretty neat, so props to you on making something that is not just slow but does actually changes, Very good and interesting track you have here, i like how it changes up, anyways nice job.

I wouldnt mind hearing some more variations in there just abit more then it will be complete.