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Reviews for "Danny Elfman's Bad Day"


Was this the song from Johnny Depp in Burtonland?


You wouldn't happen to actually be Danny Elfman would you?


adding the lalalas! =3 was genius ^_^ nice work dude. british people are the best at everything :D especially being rip off artists :D no i joke dude, i genuinely loved this :) i am sensing the music to Willy wonka and Men in black are the largest influences ^_^ im simply curious and propably wrong :) nice work :)


I believe it's because everyone here only likes NG Techno D:
I really like this piece though. SCARY DISNEY MOVIE STYLE.


i haven't heard the original, but i can tell that this a great cover

HappyHarry responds:

It's not a cover, it's a pastiche/homage/imitation. :)