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Reviews for "Danny Elfman's Bad Day"


Stick more fangirls in there and you couldn't tell the difference!

No higher rank?

Dude, you are Harry freaking Patridge and you can not get more acclaim for this piece of work? This is one of the best songs I have ever heard and I can't believe it is under the score of 3.50! This sounds like something from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I love how this starts off really slow but immediately picks itself back up again for a truly awesome song! It does not have one single theme, but seems to loop all around with all kinds of tones. I loved the zaniness and craziness this was!


I believe it's because everyone here only likes NG Techno D:
I really like this piece though. SCARY DISNEY MOVIE STYLE.

Sounds very Elfman like

i like it,


damn n***a that shit fine