Reviews for "Ph0ne & Hopeku - Jew gold"

fuk yh

i love this tune and a 2010 edit is fukin great!!!!

Whea is yo JEW GOLD!!

This has a very nice heavy trance feel. Things get heated up after the Southpark conversation at 3:35. This reminds me of Sonic Riders for Gamecube. The Beginning of the story mode is like the song. It starts at Metal City progresses finally to the Egyptian themed sand ruins. Awesome song 105D ( a 10, a 5, and a download)

Great song!

Nice Goa-trance or atlest that ithink it is sound. Class of the psytrance style.
Anyway Nice quality good pumping beat. Great 303s. Even not big fan of this track but it works sometimes. Really classic work keep em coming /TN

So awesome!

What you did with the song is really great! So talented!
This is great music to dance to. :)

So Classy Haha

It never gets old or repetitive; the song is completely gorgeous, nice work! I gotta say, the best thing about it is the creative melody in the synth. It really sets it apart from others. Plus, its got South Park, who wouldn't like that?

P.s. To Lizardman974: You're Fail. Just.. pure failure.

hopeku responds:

hahaha thanks man!! really appreciated (also funny)